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Laser Pointers

Article publié Low Energy Laser Pulses Can Produce Relativistic Electron Beams

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It is reported that the researchers for the first time proved by the low-energy, ultra-short infrared (MIR) laser pulse driven relativistic electrons. Many applications can use accelerated lighting with lower energy and higher repetition rates, such as rapid scanning imaging for medical, scientific and safety purposes.

"We are currently working on a compact, repetitive most powerful laser accelerator," says Howard Milchberg, a professor of physics and electrical engineering at the University of Maryland in the United States. "That is to say, using the lowest possible laser pulse energy to produce relativistic electrons.

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Compared with the previous experiments, the long drive wavelength used in this project, low-power femtosecond laser pulse can easily close to the so-called "critical density" state. Since the critical density is inversely proportional to the square of the laser wavelength, the gas target for the MIR laser pulse is 100 times lower than the gas target used in visible and NIR, making them more difficult to design.

Milchberg points out that "when a few milli-joules of femtosecond mid-infrared 300mw laser pointer pulses are focused by a curved mirror into a hydrogen jet - the flow of hydrogen from the nozzle - the collimating pulses of the relativistic electrons are emitted from the other side of the jet. The laser achieves very high strength, which is much higher than the achievable strength by focusing with a curved mirror, which is achieved by relatively automatic focusing in the ionized hydrogen, making it shrink to a smaller size than its focus much size. "

According to Milchberg, the value of the critical density system is that it promotes relative auto focus even at low energy laser pulses. This enhanced high intensity interaction produces a plasma wave that accelerates some of the electrons from the ionized hydrogen to the forward relative beam.

Experiments show that if there is no relative auto focus, it can not produce electron acceleration.

The team's research results are only the early stages of the development and application of high repetition rate laser-driven accelerators.

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Article publié Application of Laser Cutting Machine

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Laser cutting machine in the cutting plate when the focus of different focusing lens focus on the perforation and cutting effects have a greater impact, so the need to adjust the focal position of the focus lens to achieve rapid processing of sheet metal piercing and cutting. If the manual focus adjustment, the operation cumbersome, and affect efficiency. The change of the curvature of the deformable mirror can change the focus of the green laser pointer beam when it is transmitted to the focusing lens. Therefore, the deformable mirror can be applied to the laser machine as the automatic focusing device, so as to improve the efficiency of the machine.

Laser cutting machine in the plate processing more and more widely, but because of the early machine tool technology is weak, the machine function is not perfect, can only barely meet the use. At present, the rapid development of laser technology, the original function of the machine can not meet the current needs, if the relevant functions on the transformation, can improve machine performance, in the case of as little as possible to meet customer needs. A company wants to purchase early CNC red laser pointer cutting machine in improving machine tool processing efficiency on the relevant improvements.

As a top-of-the-art aero engine, it is a highly sophisticated and sophisticated thermomechanical machine. Every manufacturing is extremely harsh and requires a wide variety of materials. The high temperature parts are not only subject to hot temperatures, but also Strong air pressure, the slightest error directly leads to the failure of the whole plane. Now the aircraft engine design, manufacturing is very complex, which covers tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of small parts, a large number of the use of titanium alloy, high temperature gold, stainless steel and other non-metallic special coating, these materials not only high hardness , Brittle, but also has a high melting point, low thermal conductivity characteristics. Like the inside of the turbine leaves not only the shape and its special, but also has the characteristics of high temperature, if the conventional processing method is not only complicated operation, while the process requirements are difficult to achieve, so this need to use the current high-tech means --- Laser technology of laser cutting machine.

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Because high power laser cutting has the characteristics of high precision, fast processing speed, little heat effect and no mechanical effect, there are many applications in the construction of aeroengine, and it is necessary from the inlet of the aeroengine to the exhaust gas Applied to the present laser cutting technology. Using the current laser cutting technology to solve a number of aircraft engine difficult to process the cutting of materials, large-scale thin-walled pieces of holes efficient processing, parts of the hole-hole high-precision cutting, special surface parts processing and other problems, a strong impetus to the current air vehicle , To high performance, light, long life, short cycle, low cost and other direction for the development of the aviation industry now add a lot of power.

Now the laser technology, with the technical means of continuous maturity, as well as the development of related industries, laser industry technology in the field of aerospace applications is more and more widely. The laser cutting technology as an important technical application of 100mw laser pointer technology, in the field of aerospace applications, especially in the current application of the field of aircraft engines is particularly extensive.

Article publié Article publié le Monday 21 August 2017 à 11:33 | Par michale123


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