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Vous pouvez avec vos informations de compte, éditer, modifier, ou supprimer ce message, en vous rendant sur votre espace de configuration de votre blog ! http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/ (c) turf-a-cheval.fr - 2012 Battery for IBM ThinkPad R60e http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35191.html http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35191.html Danaefiona <div style="float:left; padding:0 5px 2px 0;"> <a href="http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35191.html" title="Danaefiona"> <img src="http://www.turf-a-cheval.fr/Pages/Membre/images/no-avatar.jpg" width="40" height="40" alt="Danaefiona" /> </a> </div><p>In late September 2016, leaders in the House of Representatives met behind closed doors for briefings on a closely held investigation into a group of computer technicians working on Capitol Hill.</p><p>Investigators with the Inspector General&rsquo;s Office had been quietly tracking the five IT workers&rsquo; digital footprints for months. They were alarmed by what they saw. The employees appeared to be accessing congressional servers without authorization, an indication that they &ldquo;could be reading and/or removing information,&rdquo; according to documents distributed at the previously unreported private briefings.</p><p>For some who listened to the findings, the fact that the employees were born in Pakistan set off alarms about national security, according to two participants who spoke on the condition of anonymity. Others thought it more likely that the IT workers, naturalized U.S. citizens, were bending rules on network access to share job duties &mdash; violations of House protocol, perhaps, but not espionage.</p><p>Since then, the story of the House IT workers &mdash; brothers Imran Awan, Abid Awan and Jamal Awan, as well as Imran Awan&rsquo;s wife, Hina Alvi, and friend Rao Abbas &mdash; has become a lightning rod charged by the convergence of politics, cybersecurity and fears of foreign intrusion.</p><ul><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/lenovo-thinkpad-edge-e531.html"><strong>Battery for LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E531</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/lenovo-thinkpad-edge-e31.html"><strong>Battery for LENOVO ThinkPad Edge E31</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/lenovo-thinkpad-e50.html"><strong>Battery for Lenovo ThinkPad E50</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/lenovo-thinkpad-e40.html"><strong>Battery for Lenovo ThinkPad E40</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/Lenovo-g575l.html"><strong>Battery for Lenovo G575L</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/Lenovo-g575g.html"><strong>Battery for Lenovo G575G</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/Lenovo-g575e.html"><strong>Battery for Lenovo G575E</strong></a></li></ul><p>It has attracted unfounded conspiracy theories and intrigue. Far-right news organizations seized on it as a potential coverup of an espionage ring that plundered national secrets and might have been responsible for the campaign hacking of the Democratic National Committee, a breach that intelligence agencies have linked to Russia. President Trump has fanned its embers from his Twitter account, reposting an article that claimed the mainstream media were ignoring a scandal &ldquo;engulfing&rdquo; Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a Florida Democrat who was slow to fire Imran Awan after news of the investigation broke.</p><p>The NYPD said they received a complaint about the alleged theft of computers on Aug. 24. The computers were purc Batterie pour Samsung AA-PBOTC4R http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35190.html http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35190.html Danaefiona <div style="float:left; padding:0 5px 2px 0;"> <a href="http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35190.html" title="Danaefiona"> <img src="http://www.turf-a-cheval.fr/Pages/Membre/images/no-avatar.jpg" width="40" height="40" alt="Danaefiona" /> </a> </div><p>D&rsquo;apr&egrave;s le Wall Street Journal du 23 juillet, la mise &agrave; jour permettait notamment d&rsquo;intercepter des e-mails et d&rsquo;en envoyer des copies &agrave; Etilasat. D&eacute;tenue majoritairement par le gouvernement &eacute;mirati, l&rsquo;entreprise a de quoi s&rsquo;inqui&eacute;ter pour la suite. D&rsquo;apr&egrave;s les informations recueillies par le site Ecrans la semaine derni&egrave;re, &laquo; un sondage (d&eacute;terminait) que plus de la moiti&eacute; des utilisateurs de BlackBerry clients d&rsquo;Etilasat voulait laisser tomber l&rsquo;op&eacute;rateur&raquo;.Evolution des menaces v&eacute;hicul&eacute;es par la messagerie en 2010 L&rsquo;ann&eacute;e &agrave; venir sera marqu&eacute;e par des &eacute;volutions en mati&egrave;re de gestion de la s&eacute;curit&eacute; informatique : certaines ne seront que la continuit&eacute; de tendances amorc&eacute;es d&eacute;but 2009, alors que d&rsquo;autres seront les avatars de probl&egrave;mes anciens. T&eacute;l&eacute;chargez gratuitement le livre blanc Websense. L&rsquo;Airis Praxis TPC est un ordinateur portable convertible en tablette PC, disponible &agrave; un prix canon. Une excellente solution pour les professionnels.</p><p>Sur la page de pr&eacute;sentation du produit, on peut voir que le constructeur cor&eacute;en avance un d&eacute;bit de 450 Mo/s en lecture tandis que celui en &eacute;criture n'est pas communiqu&eacute;. Sous benchmark, nous trouvons bel et bien un d&eacute;bit s&eacute;quentiel de 423 Mo/s en lecture et m&ecirc;me un tr&egrave;s bon d&eacute;bit en &eacute;criture (399 Mo/s).En usage courant, c'est-&agrave;-dire lors de la r&eacute;alisation de copies manuelles, le d&eacute;bit en lecture reste confortable (381 Mo/s) sur des gros fichiers et se stabilise &agrave; 352 Mo/s sur des fichiers de taille moyenne. En &eacute;criture, on tombe &agrave; 262 Mo/s quel que soit le type de fichiers manipul&eacute;s. R&eacute;sultats obtenus lors de la copie d'un fichier de 28 Go depuis un RAMDisk. Il s'agit de la moyenne r&eacute;duite de 5 tests cons&eacute;cutifs. Il y a donc une diff&eacute;rence importante de r&eacute;sultat en &eacute;criture entre le test synth&eacute;tique et le test pratique. L'explication est &agrave; chercher du c&ocirc;t&eacute; de TurboWrite, le syst&egrave;me d'acc&eacute;l&eacute;ration des t&acirc;ches d'&eacute;criture de Samsung. Il s'agit d'utiliser une partie de l'espace de stockage (3 Go dans le cas pr&eacute;sent) comme s'il s'agissait de m&eacute;moire SLC. Lors de l'&eacute;criture de donn&eacute;es, c'est cet espace plus rapide qui est en premier lieu utilis&eacute;. Une fois le SSD portable au repos, celui-ci r&eacute;organise les donn&eacute;es de mani&egrave;re &agrave; lib&eacute;rer 3 Go d'espace turbo. Sur ce mod&egrave;le, nous avons ainsi relev&eacute; plus de 300 Mo/s sur les 3 premiers gigaoctets de notre fichier de test (un peu moins de 30 Go), seuil apr&egrave;s lequel le d&eacute;bit passe &agra Akku für ASUS N53JQ http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35189.html http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35189.html Danaefiona <div style="float:left; padding:0 5px 2px 0;"> <a href="http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35189.html" title="Danaefiona"> <img src="http://www.turf-a-cheval.fr/Pages/Membre/images/no-avatar.jpg" width="40" height="40" alt="Danaefiona" /> </a> </div><p>PC Connection has a beta of 1.63, meaning that its stock price is 63% more volatile than the SP 500. Comparatively, PC Connection&rsquo;s peers have a beta of 1.28, meaning that their average stock price is 28% more volatile than the SP 500.</p><p>41.4% of PC Connection shares are owned by institutional investors. Comparatively, 62.2% of shares of all &ldquo;Computer Hardware&rdquo; companies are owned by institutional investors. 57.3% of PC Connection shares are owned by company insiders. Comparatively, 13.8% of shares of all &ldquo;Computer Hardware&rdquo; companies are owned by company insiders. Strong institutional ownership is an indication that large money managers, hedge funds and endowments believe a company is poised for long-term growth.</p><p>PC Connection&rsquo;s peers have higher revenue and earnings than PC Connection. PC Connection is trading at a lower price-to-earnings ratio than its peers, indicating that it is currently more affordable than other companies in its industry.</p><p>Profitability<br />This table compares PC Connection and its peers&rsquo; net margins, return on equity and return on assets.</p><p>PC Connection, Inc. is a provider of a range of information technology (IT) solutions. The Company conducts its business operations through three business segments: small- to medium-sized businesses (SMB), Large Account and Public Sector. The Company enables customers to design, enable, manage and service their IT environments. The Company&rsquo;s IT products include computer systems, software and peripheral equipment, networking communications, and other products and accessories that the Company purchases from manufacturers, distributors and other suppliers. The Company also offers services involving design, configuration and implementation of IT solutions. The Company markets its products and services through its Websites, including www.connection.com, www.connection.com/enterprise, www.connection.com/publicsector, and www.macconnection.com. It uses a combination of outbound telemarketing, including some on-site sales solicitation by business development managers.</p><ul><li><a href="http://www.kaufen-akku.com/asus-pl32-1015.html"><strong>Akku f&uuml;r Asus PL32-1015</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.kaufen-akku.com/asus-pl32-1005.html"><strong>Akku f&uuml;r Asus PL32-1005</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.kaufen-akku.com/asus-pl31-1005.html"><strong>Akku f&uuml;r Asus PL31-1005</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.kaufen-akku.com/asus-n73g.html"><strong>Akku f&uuml;r ASUS N73G</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.kaufen-akku.com/asus-n73f.html"><strong>Akku f&uuml;r ASUS N73F</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.kaufen-akku.com/asus-n73.html"><strong>Akku f&uuml;r ASUS N73</strong></a></li></ul><p>NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA) had its price target boosted by research analysts at Evercore ISI from $180.00 to $250.00 in a report released on Friday. The firm currentl Battery for Acer Aspire 4741G http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35169.html http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35169.html Danaefiona <div style="float:left; padding:0 5px 2px 0;"> <a href="http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35169.html" title="Danaefiona"> <img src="http://www.turf-a-cheval.fr/Pages/Membre/images/no-avatar.jpg" width="40" height="40" alt="Danaefiona" /> </a> </div><p>The Nevada Department of Transportation is warning of a potential con in which scammers attempt to purchase computer equipment under NDOT's name.</p><p>In a press release, NDOT said the scammers, while using a fake "@nevadaddot.com" email address, have attempted to purchase computer equipment under NDOT's name without an official state purchase request or vendor solicitation.</p><p>The scammers have then attempted to get the equipment delivered to an out-of-state location.</p><p>Multiple companies have avoided the scam by contacting NDOT to verify what turned out to be illegitimate purchase requests. One vendor shipped computer equipment without verification, the press release said.</p><p>Computer equipment worth thousands of rands is on the line for schools which have the most entrants in the Spar Women&rsquo;s Race Joburg.</p><p>Spar and Mustek Electronics have joined forces so that, come 8 October, three schools will take home a Mecer laptop with Win7 Starter, while the school with the most entrants will take home a Brother Flatbed colour print, fax, copy and scan printer.</p><p>The school which comes second will receive a Brother Flatbed laser mono print, fax, copy and scan printer. Any school that enters more than 20 girls is eligible for the prizes.</p><p>Entry forms must be submitted together before 25 September.</p><p>Girls taking part in the 10km challenge must be 15 or over, but there is also a 5km fun run open to girls who are nine and over. This means that primary schools also stand a chance of winning the equipment. In fact, the school that won last year was the Johannesburg Girls Preparatory School.</p><p>Penn State&rsquo;s Radiation Science and Engineering Center (RSEC) has received a $1 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy&rsquo;s University Infrastructure Grants program. Supplemented with an additional $600,000 in RSEC funds and equipment donations, the award will be used to update the control console and modernize the safety system at the Penn State Breazeale Reactor (PSBR).</p><ul><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/acer-travelmate-6592.html"><strong>Battery for Acer TravelMate 6592</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/acer-travelmate-5744.html"><strong>Battery for Acer TravelMate 5744</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/ACER-Aspire-V5.html"><strong>Battery for ACER Aspire V5</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/acer-aspire-v3.html"><strong>Battery for Acer Aspire V3</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/acer-aspire-timeline-4810t.html"><strong>Battery for Acer Aspire Timeline 4810T</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/acer-aspire-one-532.html"><strong>Battery for Acer Aspire one 532</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/acer-aspire-one-531.html"><strong>Battery for Acer Aspire One 531</strong></a></li><li> Akku für Apple A1185 http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35168.html http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35168.html Danaefiona <div style="float:left; padding:0 5px 2px 0;"> <a href="http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35168.html" title="Danaefiona"> <img src="http://www.turf-a-cheval.fr/Pages/Membre/images/no-avatar.jpg" width="40" height="40" alt="Danaefiona" /> </a> </div><p>Alliancebernstein L.P. decreased its position in NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA) by 22.8% in the 2nd quarter, according to the company in its most recent 13F filing with the SEC. The institutional investor owned 1,992,364 shares of the computer hardware maker&rsquo;s stock after selling 589,125 shares during the quarter. Alliancebernstein L.P. owned about 0.33% of NVIDIA Corporation worth $288,016,000 as of its most recent filing with the SEC.<br />Several other hedge funds and other institutional investors have also recently made changes to their positions in the stock. Vanguard Group Inc. boosted its position in NVIDIA Corporation by 7.4% during the first quarter. Vanguard Group Inc. now owns 37,580,211 shares of the computer hardware maker&rsquo;s stock worth $4,093,612,000 after purchasing an additional 2,597,209 shares during the period. Edgewood Management LLC boosted its position in NVIDIA Corporation by 21.9% during the first quarter. Edgewood Management LLC now owns 5,987,970 shares of the computer hardware maker&rsquo;s stock worth $652,270,000 after purchasing an additional 1,074,303 shares during the period. Janus Capital Management LLC boosted its position in NVIDIA Corporation by 20.0% during the first quarter. Janus Capital Management LLC now owns 5,368,881 shares of the computer hardware maker&rsquo;s stock worth $584,832,000 after purchasing an additional 895,591 shares during the period. Ameriprise Financial Inc. boosted its position in NVIDIA Corporation by 46.6% during the first quarter. Ameriprise Financial Inc. now owns 5,257,325 shares of the computer hardware maker&rsquo;s stock worth $572,695,000 after purchasing an additional 1,672,231 shares during the period. Finally, Wellington Management Group LLP boosted its position in NVIDIA Corporation by 499.0% during the first quarter. Wellington Management Group LLP now owns 4,104,980 shares of the computer hardware maker&rsquo;s stock worth $447,156,000 after purchasing an additional 3,419,701 shares during the period. 65.85% of the stock is owned by institutional investors and hedge funds.</p><p>NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA) last released its quarterly earnings data on Thursday, August 10th. The computer hardware maker reported $1.01 earnings per share for the quarter, beating analysts&rsquo; consensus estimates of $0.69 by $0.32. NVIDIA Corporation had a net margin of 27.41% and a return on equity of 39.59%. The company had revenue of $2.23 billion during the quarter, compared to analysts&rsquo; expectations of $1.96 billion. During the same quarter in the previous year, the company earned $0.53 earnings per share. The firm&rsquo;s revenue for the quarter was up 56.2% on a year-over-year basis. Analysts anticipate that NVIDIA Corporation will post $3.61 EPS for the current year.</p><p>The business also recently announced a quarterly dividend, which will be paid on Monday, September 18th. Stockholders of record on Thursday, August 24th will be paid a dividend of $ Batterie pour Dell Inspiron Mini 1012 http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35156.html http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35156.html Danaefiona <div style="float:left; padding:0 5px 2px 0;"> <a href="http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35156.html" title="Danaefiona"> <img src="http://www.turf-a-cheval.fr/Pages/Membre/images/no-avatar.jpg" width="40" height="40" alt="Danaefiona" /> </a> </div><p>De leurs c&ocirc;t&eacute;s, les constructeurs partenaires (OEM) d&rsquo;AMD appr&eacute;cieraient l&rsquo;initiative, selon Leslie Sobon. &laquo; Tous les principaux OEM vont adopter AMD Vision, &agrave; l&rsquo;exception d&rsquo;Apple, Lenovo et Sony. &raquo; Au total, une dizaine de constructeurs pourront proposer leurs offres &agrave; partir de 22 plates-formes.Si AMD se focalise sur le march&eacute; grand public, c&rsquo;est notamment parce que c&rsquo;est lui qui soutient l&rsquo;industrie ces derniers mois. Selon le cabinet Gartner, la vente de PC en Europe a d&eacute;clin&eacute; de 3% au 2e trimestre, dont 21 % sur le seul secteur de l&rsquo;entreprise (compens&eacute; par la hausse des ventes grand public). Et les portables poursuivent leurs ascension (ils repr&eacute;senteraient d&eacute;sormais 54 % des ventes totales).En revanche, m&ecirc;me si les netbooks affichent de beaux r&eacute;sultats, AMD n&rsquo;envisage pas d&rsquo;aborder ce march&eacute;. Le fondeur pr&eacute;f&egrave;re se concentrer sur les ultraportables avec la deuxi&egrave;me g&eacute;n&eacute;ration de plates-formes ultra-fines (laquelle augmenterait d&rsquo;une heure l&rsquo;autonomie des batteries par rapport &agrave; la premi&egrave;re). &laquo; Nous n&rsquo;optimisons pas nos processeurs pour le march&eacute; des netbooks qui reste un petit march&eacute;, nous pr&eacute;f&eacute;rons nous concentrer sur le march&eacute; de masse mais nous autorisons les OEM &agrave; s&rsquo;appuyer sur nos technologies pour concevoir leurs offres netbook. &raquo; C&rsquo;est le cas du PackardBell Dot-MR/A.FR-070 (&eacute;quip&eacute; d&rsquo;un Athlon L110 et du Radeon Xpress X1270).</p><p>Leslie Sobon attend &eacute;galement beaucoup de Windows 7. &laquo; Je pense que Windows 7 va aider &agrave; relancer le march&eacute;. Les consommateurs attendent un bon syst&egrave;me d&rsquo;exploitation qui arrive &agrave; point nomm&eacute; pour la saison de fin d&rsquo;ann&eacute;e [habituellement propice aux ventes ,ndlr]. &raquo; Reste &agrave; savoir si la strat&eacute;gie marketing d&rsquo;AMD saura tirer parti de cette relance attendue. Selon IDC, l&rsquo;entreprise de Sunnyvale affichait s&rsquo;approchait des 30 % sur le march&eacute; des desktop et plus de 12 % sur les notebook sur le deuxi&egrave;me trimestre.Somm&eacute; par les autorit&eacute;s fran&ccedil;aises de s&rsquo;expliquer sur les fissures d&rsquo;&eacute;crans et autres surchauffe de batterie, Apple a rendu ses conclusions. La r&eacute;ponse peine &agrave; convaincre.Suite &agrave; plusieurs cas de d&eacute;faillances d&rsquo;iPhones mais aussi d&rsquo;iPod, notamment des &eacute;clats de l&rsquo;&eacute;cran, Apple a communiqu&eacute; les motifs de ces mauvais fonctionnements. En sortant (enfin) de son silence, Apple s&rsquo;est donc expliqu&eacute;.Dans un style toujours des plus lapidaires, la marque a expliqu&eacute; que &laquo;l&rsquo;&eacute;cran bris&eacute; que nous avons analys&eacute;s aujourd&rsquo; Akku für Asus G50VT http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35155.html http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35155.html Danaefiona <div style="float:left; padding:0 5px 2px 0;"> <a href="http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35155.html" title="Danaefiona"> <img src="http://www.turf-a-cheval.fr/Pages/Membre/images/no-avatar.jpg" width="40" height="40" alt="Danaefiona" /> </a> </div><p>Europas gr&ouml;&szlig;ter Autobauer Volkswagen B&ouml;rsen-Chart zeigen entfacht die Debatte &uuml;ber eine Fertigung von Batteriezellen f&uuml;r Elektroautos in Europa neu. Angesichts der gewaltigen Investitionen in die Elektromobilit&auml;t schlagen die Wolfsburger vor, die Kr&auml;fte in Europa zu b&uuml;ndeln. Dadurch sollen den dominierenden asiatischen Lieferanten die Grenzen aufgezeigt werden. Aus meiner Sicht w&auml;re es w&uuml;nschenswert, dass sich die deutsche und europ&auml;ische Industrie an der Stelle st&auml;rker engagiert, sagte VW-Markenchef Herbert Diess der Nachrichtenagentur Reuters am Mittwoch in einem Interview auf der Automesse IAA in Frankfurt.</p><p>Auf offene Ohren st&ouml;&szlig;t er damit beim Branchenverband VDA und dem Stuttgarter Autobauer Daimler B&ouml;rsen-Chart zeigen . Beide schlossen eine heimische Batteriezellenproduktion mit Blick auf die gerade noch in der Forschung steckende n&auml;chste Zellgeneration nicht aus.</p><p>Diess sagte, die Produktion von Batteriezellen f&uuml;r Elektroautos sei eines der gro&szlig;en Wachstumsfelder der n&auml;chsten Jahrzehnte und d&uuml;rfte den asiatischen Lieferanten nicht &uuml;berlassen werden. Es wird kaum Felder geben, wo man schneller wachsen kann, wenn man kompetent ist, Industrieanlagen zu bauen. Der Markenchef lie&szlig; offen, ob Volkswagen sich selbst an einer Batteriezellproduktion beteiligen w&uuml;rde.</p><p>Er sagte, f&uuml;r die erste Phase, in der die Elektromobilit&auml;t hochgefahren werde, sei VW dank langfristiger Vertr&auml;ge seiner Lieferanten aus S&uuml;dkorea ausreichend mit Batteriezellen versorgt. Aber ich f&auml;nde es gut, wenn der Wettbewerb zunehmen und ein europ&auml;isches Konsortium entstehen w&uuml;rde.</p><ul><li><a href="http://www.kaufen-akku.com/asus-g75vw.html"><strong>Akku f&uuml;r ASUS G75VW</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.kaufen-akku.com/asus-g75vm.html"><strong>Akku f&uuml;r ASUS G75VM</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.kaufen-akku.com/asus-g75v.html"><strong>Akku f&uuml;r ASUS G75V</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.kaufen-akku.com/asus-g75.html"><strong>Akku f&uuml;r ASUS G75</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.kaufen-akku.com/asus-g74sx.html"><strong>Akku f&uuml;r Asus G74SX</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.kaufen-akku.com/asus-g73sx.html"><strong>Akku f&uuml;r ASUS G73SX</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.kaufen-akku.com/asus-g73sw.html"><strong>Akku f&uuml;r ASUS G73SW</strong></a></li></ul><p>Die bislang &uuml;blichen Lithium-Ionen-Zellen gelten als zu schwer und teuer, um der Elektromobilit&auml;t zum Durchbruch zu verhelfen. Leistungsf&auml;higere Batterien zu deutlich niedrigeren Kosten stehen voraussichtlich erst Anfang des kommenden Jahrzehnts zur Verf&uuml;gung.</p><p>Das mit 805 Millionen Euro prall gef&uuml;llte Orderbuch sei die Basis f&uuml;r die genannten Wachstumsziele. Der Batteriemarkt werde Sch&auml;tzungen zufolge rasant wachsen - bis 2 Battery for Dell Latitude D630 http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35147.html http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35147.html Danaefiona <div style="float:left; padding:0 5px 2px 0;"> <a href="http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35147.html" title="Danaefiona"> <img src="http://www.turf-a-cheval.fr/Pages/Membre/images/no-avatar.jpg" width="40" height="40" alt="Danaefiona" /> </a> </div><p>Thousands of New York teachers are missing out on a helpful income-tax deduction.</p><p>With school back in session, Sen. Charles Schumer on Tuesday urged teachers when they do their income taxes each year to deduct up to $250 for their out-of-pocket classroom expenses -- which can average about $485 annually.</p><p>&ldquo;Teachers are dipping into their own pockets all the time; schools are resource strapped," Schumer said on a conference call with reporters.</p><p>"When a teacher does dip into his or her own pocket, we should do something about it. Our taxes and our government is going to recognize this good deed."</p><p>The federal Educator Expense Tax Deduction was implemented in 2015, but Schumer cited IRS data that showed only 52 percent of teachers in New York have taken advantage of the savings.</p><p>Two married teachers filing jointly can each take the deduction -- which is limited to teachers who worked at least 900 hours at a state-certified public school in grades kindergarten through 12.</p><p>The deduction applies to classroom supplies and computer equipment, but not on food or clothing purchases. And the deduction can be applied to teachers who file either a standard deduction or an itemized one.</p><p>Schumer estimated that the deduction is eligible for about 215,000 educators north of New York City, saving them about $53 million a year.</p><p>In the Hudson Valley, Schumer said about 58,000 teachers could save roughly $14.5 million by applying the deduction.</p><p>Anxiety among some state officials was reflected in an exchange between Rep. Kyle Hoffman, a Coldwater Republican and a member of the Legislature&rsquo;s joint information technology committee, and Katrin Osterhaus, an IT audit manager with the Legislative Division of Post Audit. Osterhaus recently testified before Hoffman&rsquo;s committee, which includes House and Senate members.</p><p>Hoffman said he was puzzled by the state government&rsquo;s shortcomings with the introduction of major computer systems that touched the lives of so many taxpayers. It will be distressing, he said, if the driver&rsquo;s license rollout falls short of public expectations.</p><ul><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/apple-macbook-pro-17.html"><strong>Battery for Apple MacBook Pro 17"</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/apple-macbook-pro-15-inch.html"><strong>Battery for Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/apple-macbook-pro-13-inch.html"><strong>Battery for Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/apple-macbook-air-13-inch.html"><strong>Battery for Apple Macbook Air 13 inch</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/apple-macbook-air-13.3.html"><strong>Battery for Apple MacBook Air 13.3"</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/acer-aspire-one-751.html"><strong>Battery for Ace Akku für ASUS A32-K55 http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35145.html http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35145.html Danaefiona <div style="float:left; padding:0 5px 2px 0;"> <a href="http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35145.html" title="Danaefiona"> <img src="http://www.turf-a-cheval.fr/Pages/Membre/images/no-avatar.jpg" width="40" height="40" alt="Danaefiona" /> </a> </div><p>Die neue Apple Watch Series 3 kann &uuml;ber LTE und UMTS auch ohne verbundenes iPhone online gehen und verwendet dabei dank einer elektronischen SIM die gleiche Telefonnummer wie das Smartphone. Die Antenne hat Apple im Display untergebracht. Dank der Mobilfunk-Verbindung ist das Streamen &uuml;ber Apple Music m&ouml;glich und zusammen mit den kabellosen AirPods erm&ouml;glicht die Smartwatch ein ganz neues Erlebnis bei mobiler Musik. Auch Telefonate k&ouml;nnen jetzt nur mit der Apple Watch gef&uuml;hrt werden.</p><p>Der leistungsf&auml;higere Prozessor sorgt daf&uuml;r, dass Siri nun auch per Sprache antwortet. Trotz der verbesserten Hardware und l&auml;ngerer Akkulaufzeit ist die neue Version nur im hinteren Bereich um 0,25 Millimeter dicker als die Vorg&auml;nger. Watch OS 4 bietet zudem neue Messungen der Herzfrequenz, neue Anzeigen wie ein Siri Zifferblatt mit wichtigen Infos und Verbindungen zu bestimmten Cardio-Ger&auml;ten. Die neue Series 3 der Apple Watch kann ab 449 Euro ab dem 15. September 2017 vorbestellt werden und soll ab 22. September erh&auml;ltlich sein.</p><p>AdTech Ad<br />Das neue Apple TV unterst&uuml;tzt nun die 4K-Aufl&ouml;sung und HDR f&uuml;r eine stark verbesserte Darstellung auf entsprechenden Bildschirmen. Apple hat auch mit den gro&szlig;en Hollywood-Studios verhandelt und erreicht, dass bereits gekaufte Filme in HD-Qualit&auml;t automatisch und kostenlos auf 4K-HDR umgestellt werden, sobald diese Versionen erh&auml;ltlich sind. 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Comparatively, 13.8% of shares of all &ldquo;Computer Hardware&rdquo; companies are owned by company insiders. Strong institutional ownership is an indication that endowments, large money managers and hedge funds believe a stock will outperform the market over the long term.</p><p>Profitability<br />This table compares Knowles Corporation and its competitors&rsquo; net margins, return on equity and return on assets.</p><p>Knowles Corporation is a global supplier of micro-acoustic, audio processing and specialty component solutions, serving the mobile consumer electronics, communications, medical, military, aerospace and industrial markets. The Company operates through two segments: Mobile Consumer Electronics (MCE) and Specialty Components (SC). MCE designs and manufactures acoustic products, including microphones and audio processing technologies used in mobile handsets, wearables and other consumer electronic devices. SC specializes in the design and manufacture of specialized electronic components used in medical and life science applications, as well as solutions and components used in communications infrastructure and a range of other markets. It has sales, support and engineering facilities in North America, Europe and Asia, and manufacturing facilities in Asia. It also offers acoustics components used in hearing aids, as well as high-end oscillators (timing devices) and capacitors.</p><p>Charlottesville election officials last week reported that after the June 13 primary, they lost a small computer containing names, personal addresses and assigned polling places of voters in Charlottesville and Albemarle County. 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Nous nous rapprochons presque de la dur&eacute;e d&rsquo;une journ&eacute;e de travail compl&egrave;te.Disponible au prix de 899 euros TTC, cette machine int&egrave;gre un processeur Intel Core 2 Duo cadenc&eacute; &agrave; 2,26 GHz, 2 Go de m&eacute;moire vive et un disque dur d&rsquo;une capacit&eacute; de 250 Go. Au besoin, vous pourrez ajouter de la m&eacute;moire ou opter pour un disque de plus grande capacit&eacute;. La partie graphique se compose d&rsquo;un &eacute;cran panoramique d&rsquo;une diagonale de 13,3 pouces (r&eacute;solution de 1280 x 800 points) et d&rsquo;une solution graphique int&eacute;gr&eacute;e NVIDIA GeForce 9400M.Apple revisite enfin son offre d&rsquo;entr&eacute;e de gamme, le Mac mini. En version de base &ndash; vendue 549 euros TTC &ndash;, ce produit s&rsquo;architecture autour d&rsquo;un processeur Intel Core 2 Duo cadenc&eacute; &agrave; 2,26 GHz, de 2 Go de m&eacute;moire vive et d&rsquo;un disque dur de 160 Go. La mouture &agrave; 749 euros TTC comprend un processeur cadenc&eacute; 2,53 GHz, 4 Go de m&eacute;moire vive et un disque dur de 320 Go. Dans les deux cas, l&rsquo;affichage est assur&eacute; par une solution graphique int&eacute;gr&eacute;e NVIDIA GeForce 9400M. Notez qu&rsquo;il est ici possible de s&eacute;lectionner un processeur cadenc&eacute; &agrave; 2,66 GHz, une option factur&eacute;e au prix fort : 135 euros TTC.</span></p><p>La compagnie propose &eacute;galement un mod&egrave;le serveur. Pour 949 euros TTC, ce Mac mini de haut de gamme int&egrave;gre deux disques durs d&rsquo;une capacit&eacute; unitaire de 500 Go et est livr&eacute; avec une licence de Max OS X Snow Leopard Server. Attention toutefois, car pour des raisons d&rsquo;espace disponible cette machine n&rsquo;int&egrave;gre pas de graveur. Ce dernier sera disponible optionnellement, en version externe.Si les Mac mini classiques restent &ndash; &agrave; notre go&ucirc;t &ndash; encore trop co&ucirc;teux pour esp&eacute;rer contrer le march&eacute; des PC d&rsquo;entr&eacute;e de gamme, le Mac mini serveur est un v&eacute;ritable coup de ma&icirc;tre de la part d&rsquo;Apple. Fourni avec Mac OS X Server, il pourra ais&eacute;ment concurrencer les offres Windows Home Server disponibles sur le march&eacute;.HP annonce une flop&eacute;e de nouveaux PC, portables et de bureau, qui d&eacute;barqueront d&rsquo;ici la fin de l&rsquo;ann&eacute;e sur le march&eacute; fran&ccedil;ais. A commencer par le laptop ProBook 5310m. Produit de milieu de gamme destin&eacute; aux entreprises, ce nouveau portable de 13,3 pouces se distingue par son design et son autonomie.</p><ul><li><a href="http://www.portable-batteries.com/dell-latitude-e6430-xfr.html"><strong>Batterie pour Dell Latitude E6430 XFR</strong></a></li><li> Akku für HP Probook 4431s http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35133.html http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35133.html Danaefiona <div style="float:left; padding:0 5px 2px 0;"> <a href="http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35133.html" title="Danaefiona"> <img src="http://www.turf-a-cheval.fr/Pages/Membre/images/no-avatar.jpg" width="40" height="40" alt="Danaefiona" /> </a> </div><p>Apple nennt dabei diverse praktische Beispiele, etwa das H&ouml;ren von Musik &uuml;ber Apple Music mittels Apple Watch. Neue Hardware hat Apple ebenfalls mit an Bord, darunter einen neuen Dual-Core-Prozessor, der deutlich mehr Leistung verspricht &ndash; 70 Prozent, um exakt zu sein. Weiterhin gibt es 85 Prozent schnelleres WiFi, eine sprechende Siri mit diversen Verbesserungen sowie ein H&ouml;henmesser f&uuml;r Wanderer und Bergsteiger.</p><p>Was leider nicht zu den Neuerungen geh&ouml;rt: ein neues Design. Die Apple Watch Series 3 sieht exakt so aus wie ihr Vorg&auml;nger, was nat&uuml;rlich nicht per se negativ ist. Mit einer gro&szlig;en &Auml;nderung wie dem LTE-Chip w&auml;re ein neues Design aber durchaus spannend gewesen.</p><p>Zwar bietet Apple mit Spacegrau (neue Farbe), einem neuen Sport-Loop-Band, neuen Nike+-Modellen sowie einer neuen Herm&egrave;s Edition ein paar &Auml;nderungen, die aber nur die Varianz beim bisherigen Design betreffen, aber kein neues Design bieten.</p><p>Gesundheit als wichtiger Faktor bei Neuerungen</p><p>Auch abseits der Hardware hat Apple nachgelegt, zum Beispiel im Bereich der Sportfunktionen. So gibt es nun das Activity Coaching als neue Funktion, f&uuml;r Schwimmer soll sich die Watch nun noch besser eignen und die Workout-App wurde komplett &uuml;berarbeitet und mit einem neuen Design versehen.</p><p>Wichtig ist bei Apple auch weiterhin die Funktion des Herzfrequenzmonitors. Dieser ist ab watchOS 4, das am 19. September 2017 online geht, in der Lage, auch Herzrhythmusst&ouml;rungen sowie eine erh&ouml;hte Herzfrequenz bei k&ouml;rperlicher Inaktivit&auml;t zu erkennen.</p><p>Preis und Verf&uuml;gbarkeit der Watch Series 3</p><p>In den USA wird die Watch Series 3 mit WiFi ab 329 US-Dollar angeboten, f&uuml;r das LTE-Modell werden mindestens 399 US-Dollar f&auml;llig. Die Series 2 f&auml;llt allem Anschein nach aus dem Portfolio, die Apple Watch Series 1 wird weiterhin ab 249 US-Dollar angeboten.</p><p>Auch das spricht daf&uuml;r, dass es sich bei der Watch Series 3 quasi um die Watch Series 2 mit LTE handelt. Ab dem 15. September 2017 kann die Watch Series 3 vorbestellt werden, die Auslieferungen sollen am 22. September 2017 beginnen.</p><ul><li><a href="http://www.kaufen-akku.com/hp-probook-4710s_ct.html"><strong>Akku f&uuml;r HP ProBook 4710s/CT</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.kaufen-akku.com/hp-probook-4545s.html"><strong>Akku f&uuml;r HP ProBook 4545s</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.kaufen-akku.com/hp-probook-4540s.html"><strong>Akku f&uuml;r HP ProBook 4540s</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.kaufen-akku.com/HP-Probook-4535s.html"><strong>Akku f&uuml;r HP Probook 4535s</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.kaufen-akku.com/HP-Probook-4530s.html"><strong>Akku f&uuml;r HP Probook 4530s</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.kaufen-akku.com/hp-probook-4525s.html"><strong>Akku f&uuml;r HP ProBook 4525s</strong></a></li><li> Battery for Samsung AA-PLOTC6M http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35124.html http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35124.html Danaefiona <div style="float:left; padding:0 5px 2px 0;"> <a href="http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35124.html" title="Danaefiona"> <img src="http://www.turf-a-cheval.fr/Pages/Membre/images/no-avatar.jpg" width="40" height="40" alt="Danaefiona" /> </a> </div><p>Energy planners now talk about &ldquo;citizen utilities&rdquo; that would generate substantial power to complement the output of traditional utilities.</p><p>To facilitate this shift from traditional, centralized power plants to distributed local networks, a trio of Stanford researchers has developed ReMatch, a software tool to analyze the actual patterns of electrical demand and the potential generating capacity of every home in a neighborhood, and then design a cost-effective smart grid for that locale.</p><p>ReMatch was developed by Rishee Jain and Ram Rajagopal, assistant professors of civil and environmental engineering, and Junjie Qin, a graduate student at Stanford&rsquo;s Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering.</p><p>The software analyzes exactly when each customer in a given market area is using electricity, and then allows planners to design a local infrastructure that matches the right mix of consumers with the right configuration of energy sources. In a paper published by the journal Nature Energy, the researchers tested their methodology by estimating the expected costs and savings of new infrastructure for 10,000 specific homes clustered around the San Francisco Bay Area.</p><p>What they found was that the mix of new energy sources suggested by the ReMatch model could reduce the total cost of electricity by abo&aring;ut 50% over the next 20 years. The new equipment would cost about $58 million, but it would save about $227 million in operational costs tied to purchases of fossil fuel. That works out to between 10 cents and 13 cents per kilowatt-hour with the new equipment, versus about 23 cents under the existing system.</p><ul><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/apple-a1495.html"><strong>Battery for Apple A1495</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/apple-a1278.html"><strong>Battery for Apple A1278</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/Acer-Aspire-AS5745.html"><strong>Battery for Acer Aspire AS5745</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/acer-aspire-7741g.html"><strong>Battery for Acer Aspire 7741G</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/acer-aspire-7551g.html"><strong>Battery for Acer Aspire 7551G</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/acer-aspire-5741g.html"><strong>Battery for Acer Aspire 5741G</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/acer-aspire-5740g.html"><strong>Battery for Acer Aspire 5740G</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/acer-aspire-4736.html"><strong>Battery for Acer Aspire 4736</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/acer-as09d31.html"><strong>Battery for Acer AS09D31</strong></a></li></ul><p>The researchers say their estimates are conservative. The upfront costs were based on actual current costs of equipment and installation, compounded by a range of interest rates Akku für SONY VGP-BPS26 http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35123.html http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35123.html Danaefiona <div style="float:left; padding:0 5px 2px 0;"> <a href="http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35123.html" title="Danaefiona"> <img src="http://www.turf-a-cheval.fr/Pages/Membre/images/no-avatar.jpg" width="40" height="40" alt="Danaefiona" /> </a> </div><p>Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Co raised its stake in shares of NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA) by 9.9% in the second quarter, according to the company in its most recent disclosure with the SEC. The firm owned 11,070 shares of the computer hardware maker&rsquo;s stock after acquiring an additional 1,000 shares during the quarter. Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Co&rsquo;s holdings in NVIDIA Corporation were worth $1,600,000 as of its most recent filing with the SEC.</p><p>Other hedge funds and other institutional investors also recently modified their holdings of the company. TB Alternative Assets Ltd. bought a new position in shares of NVIDIA Corporation during the second quarter valued at $116,000. Proficio Capital Partners LLC lifted its holdings in shares of NVIDIA Corporation by 186.1% during the first quarter. Proficio Capital Partners LLC now owns 841 shares of the computer hardware maker&rsquo;s stock valued at $117,000 after acquiring an additional 547 shares during the period. Hanson McClain Inc. lifted its holdings in shares of NVIDIA Corporation by 12.7% during the second quarter. Hanson McClain Inc. now owns 881 shares of the computer hardware maker&rsquo;s stock valued at $127,000 after acquiring an additional 99 shares during the period. Coconut Grove Bank lifted its holdings in shares of NVIDIA Corporation by 683.9% during the first quarter. Coconut Grove Bank now owns 1,215 shares of the computer hardware maker&rsquo;s stock valued at $132,000 after acquiring an additional 1,060 shares during the period. Finally, Founders Capital Management lifted its holdings in shares of NVIDIA Corporation by 25.0% during the second quarter. Founders Capital Management now owns 1,000 shares of the computer hardware maker&rsquo;s stock valued at $145,000 after acquiring an additional 200 shares during the period. 65.85% of the stock is owned by institutional investors.</p><p>NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA) traded up 2.54% on Monday, hitting $167.85. The company had a trading volume of 5,959,150 shares. NVIDIA Corporation has a one year low of $57.31 and a one year high of $174.56. The stock has a market capitalization of $100.71 billion, a PE ratio of 48.27 and a beta of 1.25. The stock has a 50 day moving average of $165.37 and a 200-day moving average of $134.96.</p><ul><li><a href="http://www.kaufen-akku.com/toshiba-pa5024u-1brs.html"><strong>Akku f&uuml;r Toshiba PA5024U-1BRS</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.kaufen-akku.com/toshiba-pa3817u-1brs.html"><strong>Akku f&uuml;r Toshiba PA3817U-1BRS</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.kaufen-akku.com/sony-vgp-bps26.html"><strong>Akku f&uuml;r SONY VGP-BPS26</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.kaufen-akku.com/sony-vgp-bps21.html"><strong>Akku f&uuml;r SONY VGP-BPS21</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.kaufen-akku.com/sony-vgp-bps13.html"><strong>Akku f&uuml;r Sony VGP-BPS13</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.kaufen-akku.com/sony-vgp-bpl8.html"><strong>Ak Battery for Compaq Presario CQ61z http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35112.html http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35112.html Danaefiona <div style="float:left; padding:0 5px 2px 0;"> <a href="http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35112.html" title="Danaefiona"> <img src="http://www.turf-a-cheval.fr/Pages/Membre/images/no-avatar.jpg" width="40" height="40" alt="Danaefiona" /> </a> </div><p>School pupils in Powys could win vouchers for their school if they can recycle as many batteries as they can.</p><p>Powys County Council is running a free battery recycling competition and is urging schools to sign up to be in with a chance of winning vouchers.<br />The school which collects the most batteries per pupil could win a share of &pound;500 worth of Amazon vouchers. The competition is being sponsored by the European Recycling Platform, the council&rsquo;s compliance scheme for waste electrical and electronic equipment and batteries.</p><p>Schools who sign up will be provided with a free battery box and will compete over the autumn term to collect as many domestic batteries as possible. This includes the standard AA and AAA nickel cadmium batteries, button cell batteries, power packs from tools and mobile phone and laptop batteries.</p><p>Councillor Phyl Davies, the council&rsquo;s Cabinet Member for Waste and Recycling, said: &ldquo;This is a fantastic competition I would urge every school in the county to take part.</p><p>&ldquo;Batteries are made from recyclable metals including lead, cadmium, zinc, lithium and mercury. Each battery collected by a school can be re-melted and used to make new batteries rather than going to landfill where they could cause soil and water pollution.</p><p>&ldquo;By taking part, schools could win vouchers and they will also help the county meet recycling targets, cut landfill and carbon emissions and inspire the next generation to recycle more.&rdquo;</p><p>Safety procedures for implantable and wearable batteries normally necessitate structural fortification for avoiding the leakage of dangerous chemicals. As an alternative, the research team headed by Wang and Huisheng Peng, a Macromolecular Science Professor, substituted the flammable and hazardous liquids with inexpensive and environment-friendly sodium-ion blends. Of these blends, two were biocompatible and appropriate for implantable devices, as they were not known to cause any harm to the interior or surface of the human body.</p><ul><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/hp-compaq-nc6120.html"><strong>Battery for HP Compaq NC6120</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/hp-compaq-9400.html"><strong>Battery for HP Compaq 9400</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/hp-compaq-8700.html"><strong>Battery for HP Compaq 8700</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/hp-compaq-8510w.html"><strong>Battery for HP Compaq 8510w</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/hp-compaq-7400.html"><strong>Battery for HP Compaq 7400</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/hp-compaq-6735b.html"><strong>Battery for HP Compaq 6735b</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/hp-compaq-6715s.html"><strong>Battery for HP Compaq 6715s</strong></a></li><li> Batterie pour Dell Studio 1557 http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35111.html http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35111.html Danaefiona <div style="float:left; padding:0 5px 2px 0;"> <a href="http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35111.html" title="Danaefiona"> <img src="http://www.turf-a-cheval.fr/Pages/Membre/images/no-avatar.jpg" width="40" height="40" alt="Danaefiona" /> </a> </div><p>Bien s&ucirc;r, l&rsquo;appareil est livr&eacute; avec Maps Navigation, l&rsquo;application GPS de navigation &agrave; la vol&eacute;e contrairement &agrave; nombre de constructeurs qui adoptent Android pour s&rsquo;empresser de remplacer l&rsquo;outil de Google par celui d&rsquo;un partenaire, g&eacute;n&eacute;ralement payant. Notons enfin la possibilit&eacute; de capturer des vid&eacute;os en haut d&eacute;finition MPEG4 et de les transf&eacute;rer d&rsquo;un clic sur YouTube mais aussi une version de Google Earth pour mobile et, bien s&ucirc;r, l&rsquo;acc&egrave;s &agrave; l&rsquo;Android Market riche de plus de 18 000 applications &agrave; t&eacute;l&eacute;charger, gratuitement ou non. En revanche, le multipoint ne semble toujours pas &ecirc;tre la priorit&eacute; de Google.Le Nexus One combine donc le meilleur de la technologie mat&eacute;rielle avec le plus r&eacute;cent des OS mobiles. Un smartphone haut de gamme commercialis&eacute; aux Etats-Unis 529 dollars nu (disponible en ligne chez Google m&ecirc;me!) et 179 dollars avec un engagement de deux ans chez T-Mobile. Verizon Wireless aux Etats-Unis et Vodafone (actionnaire de SFR) en Europe figurent parmi les autres op&eacute;rateurs partenaires. Si le Royaume-Uni, Singapour et Hong Kong b&eacute;n&eacute;ficient &eacute;galement du lancement du smartphone, son arriv&eacute;e sur les autres march&eacute;s g&eacute;ographiques arrivera dans &laquo;les mois qui viennent&raquo; sans plus de pr&eacute;cision.</p><p>Malgr&eacute; la vingtaine de terminaux Android sur le march&eacute;, Google doit estimer que les choses ne vont pas assez vite. D&rsquo;o&ugrave; cette initiative de lancer son propre t&eacute;l&eacute;phone. Google a cependant bien conscience que le Nexus One risque de court-circuiter les affaires des constructeurs partenaires. D&rsquo;o&ugrave; une approche en douceur avec un t&eacute;l&eacute;phone on&eacute;reux qui le limitera &agrave; une client&egrave;le exigeante et permettra &agrave; l&rsquo;entreprise de Mountain View de prendre la temp&eacute;rature du secteur avant d&rsquo;avancer plus vite dans sa conqu&ecirc;te du march&eacute; mobile.Google a n&eacute;anmoins dores et d&eacute;j&agrave; annonc&eacute; qu&rsquo;il pr&eacute;voyait d&rsquo;&eacute;largir les accords avec les op&eacute;rateurs et esp&egrave;re concevoir d&rsquo;autres terminaux avec divers constructeurs. Une mani&egrave;re de couper l&rsquo;herbe sous le pieds de ses partenaires tout en continuant &agrave; les soutenir. La strat&eacute;gie sera-t-elle suffisamment pertinante pour se mettre au niveau de l&rsquo;iPhone d&rsquo;Apple et des BlackBerry de RIM? A voir. Aujourd&rsquo;hui, Google travaille avec 59 op&eacute;rateurs dans 48 pays.De prime abord, on pourrait se demander en quoi une puce int&eacute;grant une solution graphique peut &ecirc;tre int&eacute;ressante. Une simple calculatrice suffit &agrave; r&eacute;pondre &agrave; cette question. Si l&rsquo;Atom N270 ne consomme que 2,5 W, il Akku für Acer AS10G31 http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35110.html http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35110.html Danaefiona <div style="float:left; padding:0 5px 2px 0;"> <a href="http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35110.html" title="Danaefiona"> <img src="http://www.turf-a-cheval.fr/Pages/Membre/images/no-avatar.jpg" width="40" height="40" alt="Danaefiona" /> </a> </div><p>Dokumente, die eine rechtssichere Unterschrift ben&ouml;tigen k&ouml;nnen jetzt auch mit mobilen Endger&auml;ten unterschrieben werden. Als erstes deutsches Unternehmen bietet die Bundesdruckerei laut eigenen Angaben mit sign-me eine Fernsignatur-L&ouml;sung an, die den Anforderungen der Verordnung &uuml;ber elektronische Identifizierung und Vertrauensdienste (eIDAS) entspricht. &bdquo;Mit der Fernsignatur &uuml;ber sign-me lassen sich bisher papierbasierte Unterschriftsprozesse komplett elektronisch abwickeln &ndash; und das komfortabel &uuml;ber PC, Tablet und Smartphone, rechtsverbindlich und im gesamten EU-Raum&ldquo;, erkl&auml;rt Ulrich Hamann, Vorsitzender der Gesch&auml;ftsf&uuml;hrung der Bundesdruckerei.</p><p>Bei dem webbasierten Service handelt es sich laut Unternehmensangaben um eine Komplettl&ouml;sung: von der Identifizierung des Anwenders bis zur fernausgel&ouml;sten elektronischen Signatur. Es werden nur PC oder Tablet, eine Internet-Verbindung und ein Smartphone ben&ouml;tigt, jedoch keine Hardware- oder Software-Installation. F&uuml;r die Identit&auml;tspr&uuml;fung stehen unterschiedliche Verfahren zur Verf&uuml;gung, darunter die Online-Ausweisfunktion des Personalausweises ab Ende 2017, die Online-Identifizierung und die Identifizierung am Point-of-Sale. Verlaufe die Identit&auml;tspr&uuml;fung erfolgreich, k&ouml;nne das Dokument elektronisch unterschrieben werden. Nach Anmeldung mit Benutzername und Passwort wird die Fernsignatur durch Eingabe einer SMS-TAN ausgel&ouml;st. Wie die Bundesdruckerei mitteilt, l&auml;sst sich sign-me &uuml;ber eine Web-Schnittstelle direkt in die Online-Angebote und in die Archiv- und Dokumenten-Management-Software von Unternehmen und Beh&ouml;rden einbinden.</p><p>Die technischen Bestandteile von sign-me &ndash; ein qualifiziertes eIDAS-konformes Personenzertifikat und Signaturkomponenten &ndash; werden auf hochsicheren Servern der Bundesdruckerei-Tochter D-TRUST gespeichert oder betrieben. Das Unternehmen T&Uuml;V Informationstechnik habe die Konformit&auml;t der Fernsignatur-L&ouml;sung mit der eIDAS-Verordnung best&auml;tigt, die Bundesnetzagentur habe sign-me in die nationale eIDAS-Vertrauensliste aufgenommen. Nun k&ouml;nne mit der neuen Signaturl&ouml;sung in der gesamten EU rechtswirksam signiert werden.</p><ul><li><a href="http://www.kaufen-akku.com/acer-as11b5e.html"><strong>Akku f&uuml;r Acer AS11B5E</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.kaufen-akku.com/acer-as11a5e.html"><strong>Akku f&uuml;r Acer AS11A5E</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.kaufen-akku.com/acer-as10g31.html"><strong>Akku f&uuml;r Acer AS10G31</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.kaufen-akku.com/acer-as10d73.html"><strong>Akku f&uuml;r Acer AS10D73</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.kaufen-akku.com/acer-as10d71.html"><strong>Akku f&uuml;r Acer AS10D71</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.kaufen-akku.com/acer-as10d51.html"><strong>Akku f&uuml;r Acer AS10D51</strong></a></li> Battery for Apple A1405 http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35091.html http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35091.html Danaefiona <div style="float:left; padding:0 5px 2px 0;"> <a href="http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35091.html" title="Danaefiona"> <img src="http://www.turf-a-cheval.fr/Pages/Membre/images/no-avatar.jpg" width="40" height="40" alt="Danaefiona" /> </a> </div><p>Enter the next generation of portables, which attempt to return to the virtues of the Tandy 200 while retaining the advantages of its successors. My Hewlett Packard Omnibook 300 weighs 3lb, eschews backlighting and uses 'flash card' technology, which requires scarcely any power, instead of hard or floppy disks. The small nickel-metal-hydride battery pack can be partially recharged without ill effects and can keep running for five hours. And it can run on four AA batteries as well.But the main reason for giving up on portables was last year's launch of the Amstrad NC100 Notepad. This is the size of a skinny A4 road atlas and uses four AA batteries which give up to 20 hours of use, foregoing the need for frequent traipsing to the Ladies in search of a hairdryer socket for recharging purposes. This activity becomes vital when your computer's four-hour battery gives up after two hours and ten minutes, a fact of computing life always overlooked by computer designers.The Amstrad can take the punishment meted out by casual transportation in my shoulder bag, where it jostles with a small tape recorder and a Swiss Army knife. The pruning attachments in the knife were once needed to repair fingernails brutalised by the short-travel keyboards of laptops and notebooks, but it is no longer needed as the NC100 is blessed with a decent full-size keyboard. This has knobbles on the 'home' keys, put there to tell you that the NC100 is not a toy in spite of its Fisher-Price appearance.</p><p>And I can even work the Amstrad without recourse to those multicoloured 'dumbo' keys. Once you have got the hang of the thing the red, yellow, green and blue function keys serve only to remind you of how computer-illiterate you were: 'To use the word processor, press Yellow and Red, stupid.'The NC100 is ludicrously easy to get started as it does not require you to undergo the tyranny of learning Dos or Windows - the PC-compatible operating systems - before you can write your first letter. It even prints to almost anything you can find that fits the sockets on the back. This is How Computers Should Be.The Amstrad stores up to 150,000 words at a time on its one megabyte PCMCIA storage card. This card is battery-backed and removable and one card can carry the manuscript of a full-length book. These devices are the size of a Barclaycard and less of a liability than floppy disks.When the computer world eventually catches up with the Amstrad, I will be able to buy a PCMCIA Card Drive to grab the data from the cards directly - at the moment I need a null-modem lead to transfer data to the PCs and Macs I use whilst deskbound. And the computer knows just enough about communications to be able to send and receive text documents via the telephone, so a small battery operated modem lives alongside it.</p><ul><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/samsung-rc512.html"><strong>Battery for Samsung RC512</strong></a></li><li> Akku Dell Latitude E6520 http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35090.html http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35090.html Danaefiona <div style="float:left; padding:0 5px 2px 0;"> <a href="http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35090.html" title="Danaefiona"> <img src="http://www.turf-a-cheval.fr/Pages/Membre/images/no-avatar.jpg" width="40" height="40" alt="Danaefiona" /> </a> </div><p>Vor zehn Jahren wurde in Niedersachsen die Einf&uuml;hrung des elektronischen Rechtsverkehrs (ERV) eingel&auml;utet, jetzt nimmt die gewaltige Umw&auml;lzung im Justizwesen Fahrt auf. Ab dem Jahresende 2017 werden am Fachgerichtszentrum Hannover (mit Arbeits-, Verwaltungs-, Sozial- und Finanzgerichten) jeweils zwei Pilotkammern bzw. -senate die praktische Alltagsarbeit mit den digitalen Akten aufnehmen.</p><p>Zum 1. Januar 2018 muss dann die gesamte nieders&auml;chsische Justiz beim sogenannten fakultativen ERV mitmachen, hei&szlig;t: Es ist m&ouml;glich, mit allen Gerichten elektronisch zu kommunizieren, aber - noch - nicht verpflichtend.</p><p>Elektronische Akte folgt sp&auml;ter</p><p>Nach und nach soll das elektronische Verschicken von Klageschriften, Stellungnahmen, Widerspr&uuml;chen und sonstigen Schrifts&auml;tzen zwischen Gerichten, Rechtsanw&auml;lten und Beh&ouml;rden obligatorisch werden. Das nieders&auml;chsische Justizministerium strebt diese verpflichtende Einf&uuml;hrung an den Fachgerichten zum 1. Januar 2020 an, laut Gesetz m&uuml;ssen alle Gerichte - also auch Zivil- und Strafkammern der ordentlichen Gerichtsbarkeit - sp&auml;testens zum 1. Januar 2022 in den obligatorischen ERV einbezogen sein. Am Ende steht die elektronische Akte, die das Verschicken, Ausdrucken, Einscannen oder Abheften von Papieren aller Art &uuml;berfl&uuml;ssig macht. &bdquo;Laut Gesetz ist die Einf&uuml;hrung der elektronischen Akte aber erst bis zum 31. Dezember 2025 vorgeschrieben&ldquo;, sagt Marika T&ouml;dt, Pressesprecherin im Justizministerium.</p><p>Momentan, das sagen alle Gerichte, ist die Einf&uuml;hrung des ERV noch mit viel zus&auml;tzlicher Arbeit verbunden. Dokumente, die die Posteingangsstellen in Papierform erreichen, m&uuml;ssen eingescannt, andere Dokumente, die auf elektronischem Wege bei Gericht landen, ausgedruckt werden. Beim Verwaltungsgericht etwa erfolgt der Datenaustausch mit dem Bundesamt f&uuml;r Migration und Fl&uuml;chtlinge (BAMF) bereits vollelektronisch. Dies bedeute, so Sprecher Burkhard Lange, alle eingehenden Papiere zu digitalisieren - was erheblichen Mehraufwand bedeute. Zudem kranke der digitale Austausch mit dem BAMF daran, das dies ineffizient und fehlerhaft arbeite.</p><p>Neue Drucker kosten viel Geld</p><p>Die Umstellung beinhaltet auch, dass die Justiz hinsichtlich der Hardware aufr&uuml;sten muss. Es gibt Sch&auml;tzungen, dass zwischen 2018 und 2021 allein f&uuml;r die Miete der Hochleistungsdrucker bei nieders&auml;chsischen Gerichten und Staatsanwaltschaften zus&auml;tzlich 430 000 Euro pro Jahr aufgewendet werden m&uuml;ssen - eine Zahl, die stark davon abh&auml;ngt, wie viele Anw&auml;lte wann in das System einsteigen. Einige Fachgerichte in Hannover sind bereits mit zus&auml;tzlichen Druckern und Scannern best&uuml;ckt; Ende 2017 soll an der Leonhardtstra&szlig;e eine Scannerstra&szlig;e installiert werden, wo eingehende Papiere zentral eingelesen und den Adressaten zugeordnet werden.</p> Battery for Toshiba PA3729U-1BAS http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35081.html http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35081.html Danaefiona <div style="float:left; padding:0 5px 2px 0;"> <a href="http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35081.html" title="Danaefiona"> <img src="http://www.turf-a-cheval.fr/Pages/Membre/images/no-avatar.jpg" width="40" height="40" alt="Danaefiona" /> </a> </div><p>Hollywood studios have always limited distribution to a local country inside the EU, believing they can get more money by licensing movies exclusively in each territory.This was the perfect trigger for 21st Century Fox, which owns programming assets in the US, India and Australia, as well as the UK. Since the European Commission made this order, Sky, 39 per cent controlled by 21st Century Fox, has moved to sell service to British viewers who live overseas within Europe, and has pushed its Now TV service in Spain, but only in English for the many UK viewers there who have watched Sky with impunity, from the satellite feed by buying access in the UK and taking their decryption card to Spain.Now that activity has been legitimized, and Sky is on a global quest to grow its OTT businesses as broadly as possible in a pre-emptive strike on local pay TV businesses.It had already helped fund iFlix in May 2015 with a $45m investment to chase Asia Pacific SVoD domination, in partnership with the Catcha Group and Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company and iFlix has tied up deals with Hollywood and most of the local telcos to push into markets ahead of Netflix.And in September it bought into French OTT service Molotov for $4.5m, which might help with the marketing of its News services to French speakers, contained in this announcement.Sky&rsquo;s European prowess currently spans the UK, Ireland, Germany, Italy and Austria, but previously it had no presence in France or Spain; aside from its loyal legion of expats with huge satellite dishes and those getting Now TV via a VPN.</p><p>Back in October Cisco moved to take control of the 1Mainstream assets, just a few months after Sky had put its last tranche of cash into the fledgling OTT start up and it looks now like Sky saw the chance to take control of its underlying OTT technology by partnering with one of its all-time favorite technology firms.Remember Cisco bought NDS for $5.0bn in 2013, a company which had been hived off only a year earlier from 21st Century Networks, and which originally had its relationship with Sky in the UK, managing encryption for it.Cisco bought 1Mainstream in October last year, not only to please Sky, but also because it needed a more flexible, more recently written, end to end OTT system.1Mainstream has always written pure iOS, Android and TV apps, and has existing DRM relationships with Widevine and PlayReady, and already plugs into multiple CDNs. It comes with its own subscriber management and entitlements databases, and offers an online promotions system and its own CMS based analytics engine. In the past, it has worked with Envivio encoders although Sky is now pretty much exclusively Elemental, and it uses the Wowza streaming engine, and offers support for the Freewheel programmatic advertising system.</p><ul><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/toshiba-pa3833u-1brs.html"><strong>Battery for toshiba PA3833U-1BRS</strong></a></li><li> Batterie pour ACER AP13D7F http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35080.html http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35080.html Danaefiona <div style="float:left; padding:0 5px 2px 0;"> <a href="http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35080.html" title="Danaefiona"> <img src="http://www.turf-a-cheval.fr/Pages/Membre/images/no-avatar.jpg" width="40" height="40" alt="Danaefiona" /> </a> </div><p>Dernier point, Kevin Wen, pr&eacute;sident de D-Link Europe, signale que &laquo; les produits 3G de D-Link peuvent &ecirc;tre utilis&eacute;s avec n&rsquo;importe quelle carte SIM, ind&eacute;pendamment de l&rsquo;op&eacute;rateur &raquo;.La firme Apple annonce mettre en ligne une nouvelle mise &agrave; jour pour ses produits mobiles. Baptis&eacute; 3.1.3, le Patch corrige certains bugs rencontr&eacute;s par les utilisateurs.Au sommaire des corrections apport&eacute;es, le probl&egrave;me d&rsquo;affichage du niveau r&eacute;el de la batterie sur les iPhone 3GS. Il &eacute;tait courant que le niveau de charge ne corresponde pas exactement &agrave; l&rsquo;&eacute;tat de la batterie.</p><p><span>Autres bugs corrig&eacute;s, celui qui pouvait parfois emp&ecirc;cher les applications tierces de d&eacute;marrer mais les d&eacute;veloppeurs de chez Apple ont tenu &agrave; corriger une faille qui pouvait entra&icirc;ner un plantage de certaines applications en cas d&rsquo;utilisation du clavier virtuel en mode japonais Kana (&eacute;criture diff&eacute;rente du traditionnel Kanji).Concernant le d&eacute;ploiement de la mise &agrave; jour, il suffit de brancher son iPhone ou iPod &agrave; son poste de travail qu&rsquo;il soit Mac ou PC. Via iTunes, la mise &agrave; jour devrait se t&eacute;l&eacute;charger afin d&rsquo;installer les composants n&eacute;cessaires. Pour autant, &agrave; l&rsquo;heure de l&rsquo;&eacute;criture de ces lignes, la mise &agrave; jour rencontre quelques probl&egrave;mes de charges sur certains postes. Un contretemps probablement d&ucirc; &agrave; l&rsquo;affluence des demandes de mises &agrave; jour. Comme souvent avec les mises &agrave; jour de l&rsquo;iPhone.</span></p><p>Dell vient de lancer deux nouveaux ordinateurs portables, d&eacute;di&eacute;s &agrave; des march&eacute;s oppos&eacute;s : d&rsquo;un c&ocirc;t&eacute; nous trouvons un produit tr&egrave;s l&eacute;ger, le Latitude 13, et de l&rsquo;autre une station de travail mobile puissante, la Precision M6500. Ces deux notebooks nous ont &eacute;t&eacute; pr&eacute;sent&eacute;s par Franck Bernard, responsable portables professionnels chez Dell France.&laquo; Le Latitude 13 est avant tout un produit professionnel, robuste et design. Il r&eacute;duit l&rsquo;&eacute;cart de prix constat&eacute; entre les ultraportables professionnels pr&eacute;c&eacute;dents et les CULV [Consumer Ultra-Low Voltage,NDLR] actuellement disponibles sur le march&eacute;. L&rsquo;accueil de la part de nos clients est excellent. &raquo;</p><ul><li><a href="http://www.portable-batteries.com/acer-um09h31.html"><strong>Batterie pour Acer UM09H31</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.portable-batteries.com/acer-um09g75.html"><strong>Batterie pour Acer UM09G75</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.portable-batteries.com/acer-um09g71.html"><strong>Batterie pour Acer UM09G71</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.portable-batteries.com/acer-um09e51.html"> Akku für Samsung N145P http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35079.html http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35079.html Danaefiona <div style="float:left; padding:0 5px 2px 0;"> <a href="http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35079.html" title="Danaefiona"> <img src="http://www.turf-a-cheval.fr/Pages/Membre/images/no-avatar.jpg" width="40" height="40" alt="Danaefiona" /> </a> </div><p>The Computer Hardware Market report covers market characteristics, size and growth, segmentation, regional and country breakdowns, competitive landscape, market shares, trends and strategies for this market. It traces the market&rsquo;s historic and forecast market growth by geography. It places the market within the context of the wider Computer Hardware market, and compares it with other sectors.</p><p>Computers are digital equipment for everyday use in homes and for performing day-to-day activities in offices. These include personal computers (PCs) laptops and tablets. The computers market also comprises computer storage devices, peripheral equipment, system design services and other related services. The computers market includes servers and processors but does not include embedded systems used in automobiles and manufacturing plants.</p><p>The Computer Hardware Market Report answers the following questions: Where is the largest and fastest growing market for Computer Hardware? How does the market relate to the overall economy, demography and other similar markets? What forces will shape the market going forward?</p><p>Kosdaq Computer Hardware Index (KOSDAQ-158) Plunges -0.55% on Sep 8<br />September 8, 2017 - By Kurt Siggers</p><p>Shares of Kosdaq Computer Hardware Index (KOSDAQ:KOSDAQ-158) last traded at 16.32, representing a move of -0.55%, or -0.09 per share, on volume of 2,037 shares. After opening the trading day at 16.44, shares of Kosdaq Computer Hardware Index traded in a close range. Kosdaq Computer Hardware Index currently has a total float of shares and on average sees shares exchange hands each day. The stock now has a 52-week low of 16.29 and high of 16.5.</p><p>KOSPI: A Powerful Indicator Of The Asian Economy<br />South Korea has one of the most progressive, fast-paced economies in Asia. It is an influential global leader that helps drive growth in the Asian economy. Leading abilities of South Korean market help Kosdaq Computer Hardware Index to attract more attention to its work. Without it, the region&rsquo;s capacities are surely minimized.</p><p>One of the most important factors backing South Korea&rsquo;s successful economy is the Korea Exchange (KRX), which boasts with over $1 trillion in total market capitalization. Despite being one of the youngest stock exchanges in Asia, it has already transformed the conduct of trade and commerce in South Korea. 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Rather, the company says in a home page statement, a single laptop was infected with malware &ldquo;used in Grizzly Steppe&rdquo;, and that machine was not connected to its grid systems.The infection was discovered in a scan after the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) distributed the signatures it associates with Grizzly Steppe, the operation that caused the late-December sensation in the outgoing Obama administration and led to 35 Russian spies getting their marching orders from the USA.Burlington Electric Department says someone in the company gave the Washington Post the incorrect information which led to the sensational but withdrawn claim that Russians hacked the Vermont grid.+Comment: Schadenfreude is all too easy at times like this, but the Washington Post's dilemma is faced by any journalist offered an infosec scoop.Last week, when the Obama administration expelled the Russian spies over interfering with the 2016 election process, it provided much more supporting documentation than is usually the case.</p><p>Even so, there were plenty of infosec people and national security experts critical that more information should have been provided. Take this, for example, from respected King's College London professor of war studies Thomas Rid:Updated Geeks at Consumer Reports have, for the first time, declined to award a recommended status to an Apple laptop &ndash; after the latest MacBook Pro proved unreliable during testing.The testers tried out the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBooks with the Touch Bar, and the 13-inch without Ive's new big idea in laptop design. The results were frankly bizarre.In a series of three consecutive tests, the 13-inch model with the Touch Bar ran for 16 hours in the first trial, 12.75 hours in the second, and just 3.75 hours in the third, said Jerry Beilinson, Consumer Reports electronics editor..The 13-inch model without the Touch Bar worked for 19.5 hours in one trial but only 4.5 hours in the next. And the numbers for the 15-inch laptop ranged from 18.5 down to 8 hours.The testing methodology is to power up each laptop, download a series of 10 web pages sequentially in Safari until the device shuts down, and then repeat. 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Man k&ouml;nne aber eine "ganz normale Pause" einplanen, sagte sie NDR.de, dann sei die Batterie voll. Ein Stopp w&auml;re dann nicht alle 300 Kilometer, sondern erst alle 600, vielleicht sogar erst alle 700 Kilometer vonn&ouml;ten. So weit kommen Autofahrer mit einer Tankf&uuml;llung, wenn sie ein Fahrzeug mit durchschnittlichem Benzinverbrauch fahren. Von Kiel nach Frankfurt in einem Rutsch - das w&auml;re dann mit einem Elektrofahrzeug kein Problem mehr. 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Replies to support messages were made but these often took days to appear, possibly because festive-period support staff were overstretched.Reg reader Bill pointed out that the latest extended outage of DomainMonster's hosted email service had a similar effect on users, if not necessarily been down to the same cause, as when the service went TITSUP for around a week back in 2014. Bill described the latest problems as a repetition of 2014 events, covered in a Reg article at the time here.The latest outage resulted in multiple frustrated complaints directed towards DomainMonster's hard-pressed social media support team via Twitter.Copies of correspondence forwarded to El Reg provide a timeline of sorts. A day after the outage begun on 22 December, DomainMonster was telling customers it was on top of the issue but there was still a large backlog of emails that need to be delivered.</p><p>By 29 December, and without any resolution in sight, the firm began blaming DNS problems for the snafu. It seems the domain was using the old email DNS records, its support staff told our tipster Phil. We moved across to new records recently, however the old set should still work but recently we have had reports of issues caused by the old set.Only by the start of the new year had DomainMonster isolated the issue, which it blamed on a networking problem. We believe that this is a network issue and our data centre team are looking into this, support staff said. This issue seems to be preventing our external and internal email services from talking to each other and this has caused a massive backlog of email.Critics blame poor network architecture choices for creating the problem in the first place. Two of the three listed @domainmonster DNS servers are still down and all three sit behind the same router in London, said one such critic, Alastair Mackinlay, in a Twitter update on Sunday. A spokesperson for DomainMonster has been in touch to say: We are always working hard to ensure our system can be the best it can possibly be for our customers, and this mail connectivity issue was the result of one of our planned system upgrades. We are really sorry for any inconvenience caused, as we know email is one of the most important assets to our customers. We would like to assure our customers the issue has now been resolved.CES 2017 With two Seagate LaCie drive revisions, we see the storage industry doing what it does best at a device level; capacity and connectivity upgrades so as to store more data and get at it faster.</p><ul><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/asus-g73-52.html"><strong>Battery for ASUS G73-52</strong></a></li><li> Batterie pour Dell Latitude E5420 ATG http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35053.html http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35053.html Danaefiona <div style="float:left; padding:0 5px 2px 0;"> <a href="http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35053.html" title="Danaefiona"> <img src="http://www.turf-a-cheval.fr/Pages/Membre/images/no-avatar.jpg" width="40" height="40" alt="Danaefiona" /> </a> </div><p><span>Cet iPhone est plus fin que la g&eacute;n&eacute;ration pr&eacute;c&eacute;dente et propose une batterie de plus grande taille. Il propose &eacute;galement une cam&eacute;ra en fa&ccedil;ade, ainsi qu&rsquo;un capteur arri&egrave;re am&eacute;lior&eacute;, lequel profite de la pr&eacute;sence d&rsquo;un flash. L&rsquo;&eacute;cran semble pr&eacute;senter une r&eacute;solution sup&eacute;rieure &agrave; celle du 3GS, quoiqu&rsquo;il propose une diagonale l&eacute;g&egrave;rement inf&eacute;rieure. Un dernier article de Gizmodo pr&eacute;cise la capacit&eacute; de la batterie de ce smartphone.Elle est de 5,25 W-h contre 4,51 W-h pr&eacute;c&eacute;demment. Ce nouvel iPhone mesure 11,43 x 5,87 x 0,94 cm, pour un poids de 140 grammes. Faute de pouvoir l&rsquo;allumer (rappel, ce terminal a &eacute;t&eacute; d&eacute;sactiv&eacute; &agrave; distance) ou de le d&eacute;monter, les autres caract&eacute;ristiques de cette machine ne sont pas encore connues.</span></p><p>Enfin! Il existe au moins un constructeur qui a compris qu&rsquo;un ordinateur portable capable de fonctionner une journ&eacute;e de travail enti&egrave;re devait devenir la norme, et non plus une caract&eacute;ristique optionnelle. Ce constructeur, c&rsquo;est Apple.La compagnie vient en effet de pr&eacute;senter ses nouveaux MacBook Pro. Au menu, une autonomie maximale de 10 heures pour le mod&egrave;le 13,3 pouces (2,04 kg), de 8 &agrave; 9 heures pour la version 15,4 pouces (2,54 kg) et de 9 heures pour le portable 17 pouces (2,99 kg).</p><p>Autre nouveaut&eacute;, le choix des processeurs : Core 2 Duo, Core i5 ou Core i7 suivant les mod&egrave;les. Du solide. Vous trouverez 4 Go de m&eacute;moire vive en standard, extensibles &agrave; 8 Go. La partie stockage se compose d&rsquo;un disque dur classique ou d&rsquo;un SSD, d&rsquo;une capacit&eacute; pouvant monter jusqu&rsquo;&agrave; 512 Go. Tous ces ordinateurs sont pourvus d&rsquo;une carte graphique performante : NVIDIA GeForce GT 320M &agrave; m&eacute;moire partag&eacute;e, NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M 256 Mo ou NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M 512 Mo, suivant les mod&egrave;les.&laquo; Avec des processeurs plus rapides, d&rsquo;excellentes cartes graphiques et jusqu&rsquo;&agrave; trois heures suppl&eacute;mentaires d&rsquo;autonomie de la batterie, le nouveau MacBook Pro associe performances et efficacit&eacute; &raquo;, commente Philip Schiller, vice-pr&eacute;sident senior worldwide product marketing d&rsquo;Apple.</p><ul><li><a href="http://www.portable-batteries.com/dell-latitude-e6530.html"><strong>Batterie pour Dell Latitude E6530</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.portable-batteries.com/dell-latitude-e6520.html"><strong>Batterie pour Dell Latitude E6520</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.portable-batteries.com/dell-latitude-e6500.html"><strong>Batterie pour Dell Latitude E6500</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.portable-batteries.com/dell-latitude-e6440.html"> Akku für Fujistsu FPCBP218 http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35052.html http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35052.html Danaefiona <div style="float:left; padding:0 5px 2px 0;"> <a href="http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35052.html" title="Danaefiona"> <img src="http://www.turf-a-cheval.fr/Pages/Membre/images/no-avatar.jpg" width="40" height="40" alt="Danaefiona" /> </a> </div><p>Das Hoverboard ist l&auml;ngst auch in der Realit&auml;t angekommen. Es handelt sich jedoch nicht um das fliegende Ger&auml;t aus &bdquo;&ldquo;Zur&uuml;ck in die Zukunft&ldquo;, sondern um ein elektrisch betriebenes Rollbrett. Diverse Hersteller vermarkten derartige Ger&auml;te unter dem Namen &ldquo;Hoverboard&ldquo;. Auch &ldquo;E-Board&ldquo;, &ldquo;Balance-Board&ldquo; und &ldquo;Mini-Segway&ldquo; sind verbreitete Bezeichnungen.</p><p>Mit dem Hoverboard XL pr&auml;sentiert Archos nun eine gr&ouml;&szlig;ere Variante dieses mittlerweile bekannten Ger&auml;ts. Durch eine elektronische Antriebsregelung h&auml;lt das Ger&auml;t sich selbst in Balance. Der Fahrer steuert es durch die Verlagerung seines K&ouml;rpergewichts.</p><p>Anl&auml;sslich der IFA pr&auml;sentiert Archos das Elektroskateboard SK8. Mit gerade einmal 75 Zentimetern L&auml;nge ist das Skateboard recht klein. Bedient wird es per Fernsteuerung. Es kann sowohl vor als auch zur&uuml;ck gefahren werden.</p><p>&Auml;u&szlig;erlich ist das Ger&auml;t absolut unauff&auml;llig. Da keine offen sichtbare Batterie angebracht ist, gleicht es optisch herk&ouml;mmlichen Skateboards. Es ist bis zu 15 km/h schnell, macht Steigungen bis 10&deg; mit und kann mit maximal 80 kg belastet werden. Die Reichweite gibt Archos mit 5 bis 10 Kilometern an. Aufgeladen wird der 2 Ah Akku innerhalb von 2,5 Stunden.</p><p>Es bleibt abzuwarten, inwiefern das elektrische Skateboard im Alltag einsetzbar ist. Der Preis von 199 Euro f&auml;llt jedoch positiv auf.</p><p>Der Markt ist hoch konzentriert, allein auf die beiden Marktf&uuml;hrer Techem und ista entfiel im Jahre 2014 &uuml;ber die H&auml;lfte des Gesamtmarktvolumens. Es gebe &raquo;erhebliche Anhaltspunkte f&uuml;r das Vorliegen eines wettbewerbslosen Oligopols&laquo;, dem zumindest die beiden Marktf&uuml;hrer, m&ouml;glicherweise auch weitere der gr&ouml;&szlig;ten f&uuml;nf Anbieter angeh&ouml;ren, hei&szlig;t es in dem k&uuml;rzlich ver&ouml;ffentlichten Abschlussbericht.</p><p>Die Folge: &uuml;berh&ouml;hte Preise und das Fehlen einer echten Konkurrenz. Fast immer ist der Anbieterwechsel mit hohen Kosten verbunden und durch lange Vertragslaufzeiten sowie technische H&uuml;rden zus&auml;tzlich erschwert. 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If you're already on 18.0 then, by all means, the bug fixes alone are well worth the update. MATE users particularly will benefit from the additional GTK+ 3 support and Cinnamon's vertical panel support is a welcome change. Remember, no matter which version you end up with, Linux Mint 18.1 is an LTS release and will be fully supported until 2021.It's worth noting that there are other desktops available for Linux Mint, including Xfce and KDE, but at the time of writing neither of them had been updated to Mint 18.1. Typically the Xfce version comes about a month after MATE and Cinnamon and then the KDE version after that. Two former Microsoft employees have sued the Windows giant seeking compensation for the mental trauma of screening child sex abuse photos, murder videos, and other extreme content flowing through the company's online services.Henry Soto and Greg Blauert were assigned to Microsoft's Online Safety Team, formed in 2008 following a federal requirement that unlawful material like child pornography must be reported to the National Center for Missing Exploited Children (NCMEC).</p><p>Soto, according to the complaint, was transferred to the Online Safety Team involuntarily in 2008 and in the years that followed was required to view many thousands of photographs and videos of the most horrible, inhumane, and disgusting content one can imagine.The lawsuit's paperwork &ndash; filed at King County Superior Court in the US state of Washington last month and obtained by The Register today &ndash; can be found here [PDF].Microsoft in an emailed statement said that it disagreed with the allegations and insisted that it takes seriously both its responsibility to remove and report imagery of child sexual abuse and the health and welfare of its employees.Microsoft applies industry-leading technology to help detect and classify illegal imagery of child abuse and exploitation that are shared by users on Microsoft Services, a company spokesperson said. Once verified by a specially trained employee, the company removes the imagery, reports it to the National Center for Missing Exploited Children, and bans the users who shared the imagery from our services.</p><ul><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/amilo-li-1818.html"><strong>Battery for Amilo Li 1818</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/acer-travelmate-6592g.html"><strong>Battery for Acer TravelMate 6592G</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/acer-travelmate-5740z.html"><strong>Battery for Acer TravelMate 5740Z</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/acer-as09a71.html"><strong>Battery for Acer AS09A71</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/acer-al10a31.html"><strong>Battery for Acer AL10A31</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.all-laptopbattery.com/a42-k55.html"><strong>Battery for A42-K55</strong></a></li><li> Akku für Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Tablet PC http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35034.html http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35034.html Danaefiona <div style="float:left; padding:0 5px 2px 0;"> <a href="http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35034.html" title="Danaefiona"> <img src="http://www.turf-a-cheval.fr/Pages/Membre/images/no-avatar.jpg" width="40" height="40" alt="Danaefiona" /> </a> </div><p>Dabei gibt es bereits Gegenma&szlig;nahmen, mit denen Ger&auml;tehersteller und Nutzer eine bessere Absicherung f&uuml;r die Ger&auml;te erreichen k&ouml;nnen. Dies geht aus einem Bericht des Fraunhofer-Instituts f&uuml;r Kommunikation, Informationsverarbeitung und Ergo-nomie FKIE hervor, der einen umfassenden &Uuml;berblick &uuml;ber die Bedrohungslage durch Hardware- und hardwarenahe Trojaner liefert.</p><p>So zeigt der Bericht eine Dimension der Bedrohung f&uuml;r Computer, Embedded Devices und das Internet of Things (IoT) auf, die vielfach bei IT-Sicherheits&uuml;berlegungen unbeachtet bleibt. Denn anders als bei klassischer &raquo;Malware&laquo; f&uuml;r PCs, gibt es nur wenige IT-Security-L&ouml;sungen, die Wirkung gegen Hardware-Trojaner zeigen.</p><p>Manipulationen an der Hardware bzw. der eingesetzten Firmware k&ouml;nnen in ganz unterschiedlichen Lebensphasen erfolgen. In einigen F&auml;llen werden bereits w&auml;hrend der Entwicklung Hintert&uuml;ren eingebaut oder Ger&auml;te w&auml;hrend der Produktion oder dem Transport manipuliert. Solche pr&auml;parierten Ger&auml;te k&ouml;nnen einen immensen Schaden im Unternehmen anrichten, da sie zum Aussp&auml;hen pers&ouml;nlicher Daten und Firmen-geheimnisse bis zur Sabotage von Produktionsprozessen eingesetzt werden k&ouml;nnen. &raquo;Zwar sind Hardware-Trojaner in vielen F&auml;llen schwerer zu installieren und implementieren als eine vergleichbare klassische Malware, allerdings ist es auch sehr viel schwieriger, diese &uuml;berhaupt zu entdecken&laquo;, erl&auml;utert Peter Weidenbach von der Abteilung &raquo;Cyber Analysis and Defense&laquo; am Fraunhofer FKIE. Er geh&ouml;rt zu einem Autorenteam um Dr. Elmar Padilla und Raphael Ernst, die den durch das Bundesamt f&uuml;r Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI) gef&ouml;rderten Bericht erstellt haben.</p><p>Die immer gr&ouml;&szlig;er werdende Verbreitung von Hardware- und hardwarenahen Trojanern erkl&auml;ren sich die FKIE-Forscher damit, dass diese Bedrohungslage bislang relativ vernachl&auml;ssigt wurde &ndash; sowohl von den Ger&auml;teherstellern wie auch den Nutzern. Neben einer Aufstellung der potenziellen Infektionswege und Angriffsm&ouml;glichkeiten f&uuml;r Hardware in den unterschiedlichen Ger&auml;teklassen enth&auml;lt der Bericht daher auch eine Zusammenstellung von Handlungsoptionen und Schutzma&szlig;nahmen. &raquo;Es gibt viele Gegenma&szlig;nahmen wie die konsequente Netztrennung, Signaturen oder eine automatisierte Firmware-Analyse. Wenn bestehende Optionen gezielt eingesetzt w&uuml;rden, w&auml;ren wir schon einen gro&szlig;en Schritt in Sachen Cybersicherheit weiter&laquo;, erkl&auml;rt Weidenbach.</p><ul><li><a href="http://www.kaufen-akku.com/samsung-r20.html"><strong>Akku f&uuml;r Samsung R20</strong></a></li><li><a href="http://www.kaufen-akku.com/lenovo-thinkpad-x100e.html"><strong>Akku f&uuml;r Lenovo ThinkPad X100e</strong></a></li><li> Battery for Acer AS09A36 http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35026.html http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35026.html Danaefiona <div style="float:left; padding:0 5px 2px 0;"> <a href="http://blog.turf-a-cheval.fr/Danaefiona/articles-35026.html" title="Danaefiona"> <img src="http://www.turf-a-cheval.fr/Pages/Membre/images/no-avatar.jpg" width="40" height="40" alt="Danaefiona" /> </a> </div><p>Of Iconiq's involvement, Van de Maele said he was really impressed as to what they've done with other partners, and noted that the venture fund had a huge amount of capital that they can put to work.Jacobson's board seat was not at all something Collibra regretted. Van de Maele said he was excited to have Matt Jacobson join us as a board member, as well as Dharmesh as an observer due to his previous experience in funding Cloudera and MongoDB. Mint 18.1 builds on the same Ubuntu LTS release base as Mint 18.0, the result being a smooth upgrade path for 18.0 users and the relative stability of Ubuntu's latest LTS effort, 16.04.In keeping with Ubuntu's LTS releases, Mint isn't stuck chasing Ubuntu updates. Rather the project can pursue its own efforts like the homegrown Cinnamon and MATE desktops, and the new X-Apps set of default applications.This process worked quite well throughout the Mint 17.x release cycle, but with Mint 18 we were starting to see some of the downsides. Mint 18.1 is a nice enough update for the Mint-specific parts of the stack, but it definitely lags a bit in other areas.The most obvious lag is in the kernel, which is 4.4 out of the box, though 4.8 is available through the Mint repos. It's unclear to me whether Mint 18.1 fully supports kernel 4.8. It's available in the repos, and I've successfully updated one install on a Lenovo x240, but n=1 evidence is not the best support for running off to update your kernel.</p><p>Frankly, I would have to assume that since Mint 18.1 ships with 4.4, you should probably stick with 4.4. If you feel out of date, maybe install Debian 8 in a virtual machine and marvel at the fact that it still uses 3.16. Of course, if you don't have newish hardware &ndash; particularly Skylake or Kaby Lake-based machines &ndash; the older kernel might not matter to you.Provided the older kernel doesn't bother you, or you're OK attempting a kernel update, Mint 18.1 does a nice job of continuing to refine the Linux Mint experience for both its primary desktops &ndash; Cinnamon and MATE.On the Cinnamon side you'll get Cinnamon 3.2, which is notable for some nice new UI features, including support for vertical panels and sound effects, along with your displaying notifications and some new menu animations. Cinnamon also dispenses with a visual element called box pointers. Essential menus that load from a button or other menu no longer visually point back to the menu. 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